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Audio Technology, How To's & Tips
Understanding LPF and HPF Settings

Assuming the crossover acts as a brick wall is a common mistake that makes it really difficult to integrate your speakers and subwoofers. When setting the HPF and LPF filters yourself, you need to know about slope.

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Simple Subwoofer Connection Tips

Some basic tips for connecting your receiver or amp to your subwoofer.

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Integrating Your Subwoofer and Speakers

Even the biggest basshead will admit that a properly set up subwoofer makes the music and movie experience better. Here are some super-easy tips to help you get the most out of your subwoofer.

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Introducing the Standing Wave

Not enough bass? The problem may not be your subwoofer, it may be your room.

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Music Or Movies: Why You Should Consider A Subwoofer

Many people don’t often understand the job a subwoofer does. Most people know that a subwoofer produces low notes and sounds, but many people are still not sure why they need one.

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Some Facts About Speaker Break-In

We break down the science behind speaker break-in. Yes, speaker break-in is a thing, and yes, you will hear a difference in your new speakers after playing them for a while. 

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