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The first thing that stands out with the 192/24 FLAC file of Duke Ellington’s groundbreaking Afro-Bossa set is the sweet fullness of the bass notes. I could feel the body of the double-bass, even at the low listening volume I was using while writing this. Contrast that with the strident bellow of the brass and the naturalness of the recording just pops.


Afro BossaReleased in 1963, Afro Bossa is easily one of the most intricate yet approachable of Ellington’s late-50s and early 60s album releases, yet it just doesn’t get the love it deserves. For music lovers, the textures are rich and the rhythms exotic all interwoven with Ellington’s unique phrasing and chord structures. For music historians, pretty much every cultural fad on the 1960s can be heard in the twelve tracks on this set.


Afro Bossa is an imminently listenable album that you don’t need to be fully conversant in the modes of jazz to enjoy. And the depth and dynamic range of the 192/24 file brings the original recording to life in all of its technicolor audio glory. I’m not generally one to go for files above 96kHz in resolution for older recordings, but this release of Afro Bossa might just have changed my thinking on that.




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