The Listening Room visits with pop and soul sensation Remember Jones to talk about his debut album Ladies and Gentlemen, Remember Jones! touring his version of Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' and how grassroots movements are keeping pure, honest music alive. 

A singer blessed with an amazing instrument and an uncanny ability to interpret the music of others so that the material becomes unmistakably his own, Remember Jones is at the vanguard of the rebirth of soul music as an immersive experience that begs to be felt as well as heard.

Our conversation covers the excitement surrounding an artist who is simmering just below the surface and we're excited to be able to present this wonderful talent before he is in full boil.

In This Episode:

  • &#8226 Recording the debut album in front of a live audience
  • &#8226 The Asbury park, NJ, music scene
  • &#8226 The challenges artists face in the new DIY music landscape
  • &#8226 Touring a tribute to Amy Winehouse's Back to Black
  • &#8226 Getting it right during live recording
  • &#8226 The power of singing in front of a 20+ piece band
  • &#8226 Singing Jeff Buckley's Grace


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