Big Sound Experience

On March 30, I caught up with the Big Sound Experience in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, at its stop at Middle Tennessee State University and got to experience firsthand this wonderful multi-media exhibit of the genius of Les Paul.

We recently had the privilege of providing our Ci160TR extremely shallow-depth architectural speakers to the Les Paul Foundation for their Big Sound Experience touring exhibit. We here at KEF are all very proud of this installation because of Les Paul’s stature as a technological pioneer in the audio world (not to mention a couple of guitar designs here and there).

Les Paul Foundation Big Sound Experience

“Sound and balance was important to Les and it was important to me, so it was important that with so much going on in such a small space that everything could be heard clearly,” Foundation Trustee Jeff Salmon told me about the installation.

The exhibit looks and sounds beautiful and the wealth of information about Les Paul and his achievements are easy to experience in the various multi-media exhibits. When I visited, the exhibit was pretty much filled with MTSU students who were seriously taking it all in. Sue Baker, a Les Paul Foundation Trustee told me “we’re convinced Les would be happy [with the Big Sound Experience] and that he would really enjoy speaking to the students.”

Jeff and Sue were both friends of Les and their pride in the Big Sound Exhibit is contagious. “The first word out of ninety percent of the people who go into the exhibit is just ‘wow!’ Our goal is to have everyone leave here with a kernel of knowledge about physics and science,” Salmon explained, going on to say that the iconic Gibson Les Paul guitar was just a by-product of all of Les’ work, and people are always surprised to learn just how many innovations belonged to Paul.

For more information on Les Paul and the Les Paul Foundation please visit the Les Paul Foundation’s website.

If you’re a Les Paul fan, or you’re interested in music and technology (or both!) you should make it a point to visit the Big Sound Exhibit before its year-long tour winds down. Hit the link for a list of stops the Exhibit will make before the tour concludes in Washington, DC: Big Sound Experience Tour.  

KEF Ci160TR Big Sound Experience

We are proud and honored to have our Ci160TR In-Ceiling Speaker help the Les Paul Foundation tell the story of the genius of Les Paul.

  KEF Ci160TR Big Sound Experience


KEF Ci160TR Big Sound Experience

There are two Ci160TR In-Celing Speakers in this picture (hint: one is white, one is black).

Jack Sharkey for KEF