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COVID-19 and the Touring Musician

Every industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, and as we all slowly and carefully return to ‘normal’ the live music industry is likely going to trail far behind the rest of us. We spoke to several Nashville-based musicians about how they are staying busy and keeping their music alive as they stay safe and healthy.

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Recommended Amplifier Power

Understanding the Specs: Recommended Amplifier Power tells us the minimum needed to move the voice coil and the maximum allowable power before over-excursion occurs. But there is more to this spec than meets the eye.

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KEF B-Stock and Re-Certified Product

Sometimes our loss is your gain: KEF Re-Certified and B-Stock Products.

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The KF92 Subwoofer Goes to Eleven

We've packed a lot of technology and innovation into our new KF92 Subwoofer, and the result is a beautiful piece of gear that can easily pressurize a room all the way down to 11 Hertz. 

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International KEF Month - IKM 2019

They say fifty-eight is the new 35 or something, but when you design some of the world’s best loudspeakers using cutting edge technology and advanced design techniques, 58 is a number to be super proud of.

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Masters of Sound: Composer Jonathan Miller On His Gear and Composing for Television

Jonathan Miller is a Los Angeles-based composer who has composed over 7000 pieces of music for film and television in the past fifteen years. Some of his credits include Jay Leno’s Garage (CNBC), 1000 Ways to Die (Spike), Flip That House (TLC), Wild Justice (NatGeo), Around the World in 80 Days (History) and the film American Jedi. Jonathan sat down with us for a quick chat to talk about his gear, which features the LS50 Wireless and the art and science of scoring for film and television.

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