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50 Years - 5 Songs - 50 Weeks: 1994

Rock & Roll called itself grunge. It was a bit dark and dystopian, but it was still rock & roll. To off-set all of the bumming, pop music did its best to present a sunny side, even pulling out some old favorites from the previous two decades. 

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Masters of Sound with Henry Jackman

Last month KEF Masters of Sound took the show on the road to Hollywood where we were honored to sit down with Henry Jackman for a conversation that covered the art and philosophy of scoring music for film and the science of how it all comes together for a seamless cinematic experience. With an amazing list of credits to his name, including Captain America: Civil War, Wreck-It Ralph, Captain Phillips, Pixels and the soon to be released Birth of A Nation, Henry Jackman is the fast becoming the pre-emiment composer for film.

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