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The 'Amen Break' - The Foundation of Hip-Hop

Gregory Coleman is an unsung hero of Hip-Hop, Jungle, Drum & Bass, and IDM, and his contribution to the music can be found on thousands of recordings. Although not exactly how you might think. 

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KEF Masters of Sound with Keb' Mo'

Keb' Mo' has been an important fixture in the world-wide Blues scene for more than forty years and we were recently honored to sit and have a chat with him at the offices of BMI in Nashville. 

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KEF Presents An Evening With Satchmo

KEF Presents An Evening With Satchmo, Featuring Grammy Award Winner Ricky Riccardi, Director of Research Collections at the Louis Armstrong House Museum.

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When Were You Cool?

Everyone has a moment of cool, and everyone kind of sticks with what was cool for them, so, when were you cool?

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Finding New Music

Discovering new music should be like going to a record store on a rainy Saturday and rifling through the bins for hours on end and then rushing home to listen to your new finds. Here are some hints to capture that experience in the digital age.

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Your Musical Mileage May Vary

Life is short – no to mention stressful and annoying – don’t deny yourself the unique and magical experience of music that nourishes the soul!   

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