By Jack Sharkey, August 18, 2016

Hey kids! It's Back to School Time! Here's a look at the 12 Grades of Back to School Songs. Let's hope your class is better than Glenn Ford's class in the 1955 classic Blackboard Jungle was.


First Grade: We're Going to Be Friends


Second Grade: What A Wonderful World 


Third Grade: Back To School 


Fourth Grade: Be True To Your School 


Fifth Grade: Don't Be A Dropout 


Sixth Grade: Pizza Day! 


Seventh Grade: Smokin' In the Boys Room 


Eighth Grade: Fight For Your Right To Party 


Ninth Grade: Grade 9 


Tenth Grade: Rock and Roll High School 


 Eleventh Grade: My Old School 


Twelfth Grade: Going Away To College 


But take heart parents! This is what college was like when you went to school: