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The Art & Science of Sound
Rock & Roll Urban Legends That Aren’t True (But Should Be)

Who doesn’t love a good urban legend? Even when we know they’re not true, we still secretly hope they are. Here are some of the best Urban Legends of Rock & Roll that aren't true, but we sure wish they were.

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COVID-19 and the Touring Musician

Every industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, and as we all slowly and carefully return to ‘normal’ the live music industry is likely going to trail far behind the rest of us. We spoke to several Nashville-based musicians about how they are staying busy and keeping their music alive as they stay safe and healthy.

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Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Music

As music lovers we all have a vested interest in protecting our hearing. Imagine the gradual and unstoppable loss of being able to enjoy something as important as music. But some simple precautions now can ensure you can enjoy your music for decades to come.

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The Origin of the Lullaby - Possibly the Origin of Music?

Throughout human history, the lullaby is found across all cultures. A study of the origins of the lullaby may also be unlocking the key to the origins of music itself.

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Does Your Clock Actually Go 'Tick-Tock'?

What if we told you the only sound your clock makes it 'tick' and that your brain adds the 'tock'?

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What Is Music Worth?

Music is essential and it's everywhere. But what is music actually worth?

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