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Finding New Music

Discovering new music should be like going to a record store on a rainy Saturday and rifling through the bins for hours on end and then rushing home to listen to your new finds. Here are some hints to capture that experience in the digital age.

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Your Musical Mileage May Vary

Life is short – no to mention stressful and annoying – don’t deny yourself the unique and magical experience of music that nourishes the soul!   

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Chasing Bliss

Music affects no less than twelve different areas of the brain – simultaneously, so it's no wonder with all of that going on in your head you sometimes just don't feel it the way you want to. 

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The Art of Intentional Listening

If you listen intentionally your ears will begin to present your brain with all kinds of sounds you didn’t know were there in the first place. You’ll begin to hear and feel things you had always hoped were there – they were, they’ve just been waiting for you!

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Blade and Reference: Two Icons Elevated

KEF is proud to launch the latest update to their high-end loudspeaker offerings – Blade and The Reference. The two high-end KEF speaker ranges have been updated with KEF’s latest acoustic innovations, including a new, high-end 12th Generation Uni-Q with Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT™).

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In Search of Audio Standards, Part Two

In Part One we talked a little about technical standards and a whole lot about magical standards. Part Two is going to be about pretty much the same thing. Part One was subjective, Part Two is (for the most part) objective.

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