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Since 1961, KEF speakers have represented a touchstone in audio quality. Our architectural speakers are tailored to blend seamlessly into a home theater, boardroom, or backyard patio, without sacrificing any fidelity. Meanwhile, our motorized and theater-grade designs add even more detail to the listening experience, creating 3D surround sound from speakers with extremely small mounting depths. KEF’s in-ceiling speakers combine form and function, and the Ci lineup eliminates needless bulk while still producing impeccable sound. Unlike a typical home theater system, these slim custom speakers envelop the listener with an added vertical dimension, like a modern movie theater.

Depending on the room’s layout, the Ci series is available in a wide array of round and square sizes, so that the speakers lay completely flush inside a wall or ceiling fixture. Our flagship Ci200RR-THX speaker contains a huge woofer magnet, aluminum tweeter, and Z-flex surround in a svelte frame. It meets THX’s rigorous ULTRA2 standard for theater-quality sound, while still only requiring a mounting depth of 4.98”. No matter which Ci model you choose, all of these custom speakers are built for camouflage.

Adding motorized control to an in-ceiling system, KEF’s Ci200.3QT and Ci3-80QT allow you to tweak the speaker angles for a more sweeping soundstage. When not in use, they sit inside the fixture like a conventional ceiling speaker; press a button, and the retractable marvels shift to the optimum position. When using KEF’s motorized in-ceiling speakers in a home theater setup, you need an adequate power supply to use their motors. The KMPS-7 can provide 12V of regulated power to 7 KEF motorized loudspeakers, so they operate instantly (and silently).

However, some extreme situations call for an in-ceiling speaker with astonishing thinness. The KEF Ci160TR requires only 36mm of mounting depth, so it can be installed almost anywhere. Cavity depth can be negligible in a cramped space like a high-rise apartment or a luxury yacht, but our slim architectural speakers allow you to enjoy truly hi-fi audio in the tightest quarters. Finally, KEF’s line of outdoor speaker systems must be built to withstand the elements, without compromising on audio fidelity. With an operable temperature range of -40 to +158ºF (-40 to +70ºC), the Ventura series can handle almost any weather on Earth. Take pleasure in premium sound, while basking in the sunshine.

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