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Since 1961, KEF speakers have represented a touchstone in audiophile quality. Each element of our hi-fi stereo equipment is designed for maximum listening enjoyment and overall clarity. When it comes to hi-fi audio, tonal balance is vitally important. Producing the full frequency range in vivid detail, without exaggerating any part of the spectrum, KEF are among the best custom speakers on the market. With in ceiling speakers, quality and placement are everything. KEF’s in ceiling and in wall lineup allow you to eliminate clutter without sacrificing on audio capability. Placing speakers in the ceiling creates a 3D surround sound experience that envelops the listener. Depending on the particular room, KEF’s in ceiling speakers are available in a variety of sizes. For the ultimate in theater-quality sound, the Ci200RR-THX is certified to THX’s rigorous ULTRA2 standard for in ceiling audio. The speaker’s vented aluminum tweeter, Z-flex surround, and tangerine waveguide output provide remarkably balanced performance. Read more…

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