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Introducing the KF92 Subwoofer

Introducing the KF92, an all-new subwoofer that recreates bass as faithfully as it was recorded. A testament to our proud heritage of high-end audio design, the KF92 features immense power combined with a dual driver and force cancelling configuration to provide more depth, more dynamics and more detail.

Discover the Detail In the Deep

Music and film have never gone so deep, and subwoofers are an increasing necessity for delivering the low notes. However, a high-quality subwoofer also needs to add much more than just loudness.

When KEF’s engineers designed KF92, they did so with the same goal as our award-winning loudspeakers – to recreate recorded sound as faithfully as possible. Immense power and a dual-driver, force-canceling configuration combine to provide lightning-quick articulation and dynamics with amazing depth and detail. Whether adding body to a double-bass or impact to a body-shaking explosion, KF92 ensures you won’t just feel the air move – you’ll feel the sound as it moves you.


KF92 features two 9-inch drivers that are based on the design used for the R Series bass drivers. The hybrid aluminium/paper cone driver features a huge motor system and vented voice coil with linearity and astonishingly low distortion that ensures every detail of the original recording is uncovered regardless of volume. Thanks to the highly optimized excursion and performance characteristics, frequencies as low as 11Hz are easily achieved with fluidity and scale.


The two 9-inch drivers are positioned in opposition to each other, using the same force-canceling design found in our flagship Blade speakers. This design cancels out reactive forces, minimizing cabinet vibration, helping the KF92 deliver sound pressure levels of 110dB – an immense amount of volume from such a small, sealed cabinet.


Power in a subwoofer is about much more than just producing a big sound. KF92’s audiophile-quality 1000W Class D amplification (designed with a dedicated 500W amplifier for each driver) creates a tremendous amount of power that is more than enough to fill almost any domestic space. But KF92 also delivers incredible control, improving timing accuracy and dynamic response for a more detailed sound, a sound that brings you much closer to what the artist intended.


Part of KEF’s acclaimed Music Integrity Engine (MIE), KF92’s Intelligent Bass Extension (iBX) analyses the input signal and applies customized Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to optimise the combined performance of the amplifiers, drivers and cabinet. As a result, KF92 plays deep with amazing dynamics, regardless of how quiet or loud you are listening.


KF92’s MIE suite of DSP algorithms also features a powerful placement-dependent equalizer (EQ) section, allowing for unprecedented positioning flexibility and seamless integration into any listening environment, from corner placement to cabinet-housing to the constraints of apartment living.


KEF has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge acoustic performance since 1961, and KF92 continues that tradition. The compact, sealed-box construction improves positioning flexibility as well as performance speed and clarity. The low profile heatsink, inspired by the LSX and LS50 Wireless, contributes to the positioning flexibility of the KF92, while ensuring the high-performance internal electronics are kept in optimal operating conditions.


KF92 integrates seamlessly with KEF’s LS50 Wireless, R Series, Q Series, and beyond, disappearing into the soundstage and environment while producing the low-frequency energy today’s listening demands. SmartConnect intuitively determines whether a mono (LFE) or stereo input is being used and optimizes the input gain for optimal performance. Speaker-level inputs, a simple to use LFE mode, input crossover and line-level output with a built-in high-pass filter completes a feature set that allows KF92 to be used in any system with minimal fuss. 

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