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Q Series Now Available With Walnut Finish

KEF Adds Walnut to Q Series Finishes

Marlboro, NJ, 10 July 2019 – KEF proudly announces the addition of our stunning walnut finish to our popular Q Series speaker line. Currently in its 8th iteration, the KEF Q Series has been recognized for performance far beyond its price level.

The walnut satin matte finish rounds out a line whose clean design and sonic performance has made the Q Series an industry leader in the category. With black, white and now walnut models, the Q Series can be seamlessly added to any home décor style, delivering exceptional aesthetic appeal and audio performance well beyond what consumers have come to expect from products at a similar price point.

Q Series also boasts a seamless baffle and magnetic grilles for a beautiful, clean look with or without the optional sonically neutral grille.

Q Series – in walnut, black or white – delivers even greater performance, value and owner satisfaction than ever before.

Notes for Editors: KEF Q

Walnut finish at same price per model as black and white finished

8th iteration of Multiple Award-winning Q Series loudspeakers

Improvements to bass drivers to create cleaner, punchier bass, even at high volumes

Bookshelf Uni-Q drivers moved to centre of cabinet

Seamless baffles with magnetic grilles – neater look than most at this price point

Modern aesthetic and seamless finish on plinth spikes and hardware

Available in stylish, furniture grade walnut, white and black satin matte finishes

Available July 29, 2019:

Q150 Bookshelf: $550.00 / pair

Q350 Bookshelf: $650.00 / pair

Q550 Floorstand: $550.00 / each

Q650c Centre: $650.00 / each

Q750 Floorstand: $750.00 / each

Q950 Floorstand: $900.00 / each

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