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Uni-Core Technology – Another KEF Innovation Coming to A Sound System Near You

Today we are excited to announce our exciting breakthrough technology – Uni-Core. But before we get into what Uni-Core is, first a little brag: How many new key technologies does your average speaker company release on a regular basis?

Engineering is at the heart of everything we do, and everything we do is done with one goal in mind – the best possible audio reproduction.

KEF introduced force-canceling technology in 1984 in the now legendary Reference 104/2, and the technology features prominently in our Blade and KF92 subwoofers. In a force-canceling configuration, two drivers are physically coupled to each other but mounted in mechanically opposing directions. This technique basically cancels extraneous vibrations from the drivers, greatly reducing or eliminating vibrational energy transfer to the cabinet. The result: You only hear what the drivers are producing – not cabinet vibration.

With KEF’s patent-pending Uni-Core technology, we have revolutionized the traditional force-canceling configuration: Uni-Core combines back-to-back drivers in a single motor system. The overlapping concentrically arranged voice coils give smaller drivers far more driver excursion than they would in a standard configuration. The result: An incredible amount of bass from a really tiny space.

Stayed tuned for more exciting news to follow…

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