Kube10b Subwoofer

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Discover the new Kube 10 MIE with greater accuracy and dynamics.


10 inch active subwoofer

The mid-sized Kube 10b has a sealed cabinet, 10 inch bass driver and 300 Watts to produce serious extension and control.
This member of KEF's powerful range of subwoofers opens up sound’s hidden depths thanks to 300 Watts of Class D power integrated with a 10 inch driver and iBX dynamic bass extension technology.

Hear new dimensions in sound with Kube subwoofers

The Kube 10b effortlessly unleashes explosive power. iBX technology extends the bass depth dynamically and KEF’s unique ability to design, build and integrate the driver in-house takes optimisation to a whole new level. Delivering immersive music and home theatre sound that takes you to the heart of the performance.
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Go deep or go home. KEF’s design and engineering team worked in chorus to develop iBX. This Intelligent Bass Extension algorithm creates an extended depth that unlocks the full potential of the custom driver. Giving you unparalleled precision and ultimate synchronicity between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet.
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Easy configuration

Kube subwoofers offer unmatched set up flexibility. A range of LFE, line and speaker-level inputs, phase selection and DSP controlled EQ settings help you get the best from a Kube. Put it in a convenient place, match it to any main speaker or type of music system and start exploring new depths in the sound.


KEF is quite possibly the only high-end manufacturer that designs, engineers and assembles the driver, cabinet and circuitry in-house. This level of integration means we are commited to pure sound and the Kube stays true to that ideal. The result is a driver and amplifier that are perfectly in tune.

The Details


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(with Rear panel and feet / H x W x D)
370 x 353 x 370mm (14.6 x 13.9 x 14.6in.)
Powered Subwoofer (sealed)
Power Requirements
100V - 120V / 220V - 240V ~ 50 / 60Hz
Unit Measurement
Variable Low Pass Filter
40Hz - 140Hz & LFE
Frequency Response
24 to 140Hz (±3dB)
Maximum Output
Recommended Amplifier Power
300 Watts RMS
Amplifier Type
Built-in Class-D
Drive Units
1 x 250mm (10in.)
RCA phono sockets Speaker level inputs
Analogue Input
RCA phono sockets Speaker level inputs
KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE.. * Measurement per unit


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"Effects transitions across the array are seamless, soundscapes have immersive three dimensionality, and there’s an effortless nature to its delivery that beguiles." Year: 2018 Issuing Body: AVTech Media Awards 2017/18 Country: United Kingdom Product: KEF Q Series 5.1.2 (inc. Q750, Q650c, Q350, Q50a and KUBE10b)

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"This Q Series package delivers an outstandingly cinematic and largescale presentation (with Atmos highs) from well-built speakers." Year: 2018 Issuing Body: Home Cinema Choice Country: United Kingdom Product: KEF Q Series 5.1.2 (inc. Q750, Q650c, Q350, Q50a and KUBE10b)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very Musical sub with the big caveat

Very musical sounding sub blends very nicely and easily with my bowers and Wilkins. But theres one big problem, it only turns on with high volumes. If youre listening to say 70-73 db volumes which I usually do it shuts off.
Was reading about this on other places and contacted kef customer service as well but they did not have any help with this. Only other option was using the lfe input. But for me, I wanted to use it with speaker level input.
So if youre listening to over 80db volumes its fine but if its around 70db or around its not gonna work.
Another thing is with really higher volumes which we rarely do listen to, it gets a bit boomy.

Juan N Only
Great Sound at a great price

After talk to tech support I opted for 1 Kube 10b and it is fantastic. I paired this with the Sat Pack 205 and its a great match for my open concept theater room.

Excellent Speaker! Perfect Addition!

Got a KUBE 10b to connect with a pair of LSX speakers. An excellent combination !

They're great! Fast and accurate, without sounding boomy, bloated or tubby.

No matter what sort of music I run through them, they respond!
From movie sound tracks to extreme orchestral music, like Mahler or Shostakovich, to Wagnerian opera and organ music, they handle everything well.

Ken M.
Most musical sub!

I have a larger, more powerful subwoofer from another manufacturer in my main system. I needed a more compact one for my office setup, to augment my KEF LS50's. I'm shocked at the quality of this unit's sound. It's fast attack and rapid decay is rare in a sub at this cost level, making it a bargain. It absolutely pounds me when asked, keeping right up with the LS50's in seamless harmony. I now want to replace the one on my main system with it's bigger brother, the Kube 12b!

Great speaker

This review is for the Kube2. Excellent base response and customization options. Side firing speaker opens up a lot more possibilities for locating speaker in the room

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