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Introducing the LS50 Collection: Every note. Every word. Every detail.

Sometimes a technical breakthrough is so completely paradigm shifting that mere words don’t really do justice. In the case of our new LS50 Collection, the proof is in the sound – you have to listen and then you will believe.

By partnering with the premiere acoustic metamaterial engineering firm in the world, AMG, our engineers have come up with a design that eliminates 99% of the destructive resonant audio energy that bounces around inside the speaker enclosure interfering with the purity of the sound being reproduced. Most high-end designs can achieve up to 60% absorption of this unwanted energy and the detail and nuance you will discover in the difference between 60% and 99% is utterly astonishing. Without hyperbole, you will truly be amazed.

LS50 Meta

The passive addition to the LS50 Collection features:

12th Generation Uni-Q with Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) driver array (patent pending)

Patented off-set flexible port for further midrange distortion reduction

Four finishes:

Carbon Black

Titanium Grey

Mineral White

Royal Blue Special Edition

Updated cabinet further refined for optimal acoustic performance

Seamless cabinet rear provides cleaner, sleeker cabinet aesthetic

Mounting holes for secure placement with bespoke KEF S2 Floor Stands

Stands are available in matching finishes


Book a Demo today and prepare to be amazed!

LS50 Wireless II

The active/wireless addition to the LS50 Collection features:

All of the acoustic advances that make the LS50 Meta a best-in-class passive standmount speaker

New 100WPC Class A/B for lower distortion and greater dynamic output

Upgraded 280WPC Class D LF/MF amplifier

New W2 streaming platform for seamless on-boarding and performance

New KEF Connect app

Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Qobuz and Deezer

Apple Airplay2 and Google Chromecast protocols

Roon Ready, DSD256 compatibility, MQA support


Book a Demo today and prepare to be amazed!

And when you do book your Demo, be sure to bring along a piece of music you’re intimately familiar with, something you’ve listened to for years – just so you can hear all of the things you’ve been missing!

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