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Allow KEF to take you on an emotional journey to places you never knew existed, and introduce you to an impressive collection of characters who prefer to fly under the radar - all for the love of music.


Mike Costaney, Lead Roaster - Booskerdoo Coffee, Asbury Park, NJ
We sat down with Mike Costaney, Lead Roaster at Booskerdoo Coffee in Asbury, NJ. A former touring musician turned coffee engineer, Mike shares the intricacies and similarities of both worlds.


Cindy Cash in Her Own Words
Cindy and Johnny were a daughter and father seemingly like any other. “This is where I learned to hunt arrowheads, to pick blackberries, we went on Jeep rides.” But Cindy knows what Johnny Cash means to the world and is moved by the fans who still visit the farm in Bon Aqua to this day. Listen to Cindy’s story in her own words and experience footage never-before-seen of the Man in Black.


Preserving History on Johnny Cash’s Farm
Recovery, repair, and restoration are concepts Brian Oxley is well familiar with. He and his wife set out to preserve Johnny Cash’s farm in Bon Aqua, Tennessee in 2015. With time, they realized there was more to the farm that Johnny himself described as the center of his universe.


FAME Recording Studios and the Muscle Shoals Sound
The Allman Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, and Lou Rawls to name a few, all helped define this signature collective twang. Rick Hall, one of the original founders, kept FAME active for over 60 years and now his son Rodney Hall continues to grow the legacy. Hear Rodney and producer/engineer Alan Schulman explain the genesis of the FAME Recording Studios history and signature sound.


Lauriana Mae on Owning Her Sound
Lauriana Mae may seem quiet in conversation, but give her a mic and you’ll hear a soulful, jazzy performer bringing classic sounds into the modern age. She performed for executives at Atlantic, where she clearly made a mark. Lauriana has new music and projects she’s proud of, only now it’s her vision, her voice, and in her time.

Game Changing

Greg LoPiccolo on Redefining Music Creation
Listen to the former Senior Project Director for Harmonix, Greg LoPiccolo as he shares his journey from being in a band to creating Rock Band & Guitar Hero video games, and the future of music production software. Greg is working hard to make music creation more accessible to music lovers with his newest endeavor, ToneStone, and we can’t wait to see the final result.


Mastering the Indie Sound with Alan Douches
Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Alan Douches isn’t chasing a major label sound - he embraces an indie sound that competes with big labels. Hear from the master of indie music mastering at West West Side Music.


What is it like to own a warehouse with over four million records for sale? For a music fan, it’s a dream come true. For Val Shively, it’s just another day with his “babies.” Val has always been unconventional, and that’s what kept his store going for 60+ years. As Val says, “Being different is very, very good.”


John Gilman on Pressure and Passion
Sharing the music you created with the world still matters, even if you’re not on the biggest stage. But how do you get back up after a loss? “There’s this massive amount of pressure on you by people to get back. You go from up here, and you fall… To me, the greatest enemy of creativity is pressure.”

Hear from John Gilman, a songwriter, guitarist, and singer from Bayville, NJ discuss how he feels about creating music after leaving The Voice.


Louis Armstrong House Museum & Archives
Get a rare look at the jewels within the Louis Armstrong House Museum & Archives and feel the joy still in the building that was Armstrong’s original perfectly preserved home. Ricky Riccardi, Director of Research Collections, shows us what inspires him to trek four hours a day to spearhead the preservation of music. Experience exclusive video with rare voice recordings and artistry from the great Louis Armstrong
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