Journey Through Sound at KEF Music Gallery

Following the launch of Absorbed – our first series of unique generative artworks and the very first of its kind from an audio-brand – KEF has curated and are hosting a digital art exhibition celebrating Absorbed and the world of generative audio art. 

Organised in partnership with design collective Parameta and generative art platform fx(hash), the exhibition showcases our Absorbed collection along with other collections from key emerging generative artists.  

To mark the exhibition opening, a vernissage took place on 12 December 2022 for industry guests, friends of KEF as well as the arts and culture community. A live panel with Parameta Founder Gus Lee, fx(hash) and prominent generative artists went in-depth discussing their work and the future of the generative art space. 

Several global artists also designed unique NFT collections for live minting exclusively at the event, with guests enjoying the chance to mint a limited number of Absorbed artworks. 

Spanning collections by Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez from Spain, Andreas Rau from Norway, Jinyao Lin from Taiwan and of course, the creator of Absorbed, Hieroglyphica from the US, this event and our future stages of Journey Through Sound hope to showcase the creatives making a mark on generative art. ​​​​​​​

This inaugural exhibition in Hong Kong marks the first in a series of future global events and NFT collections celebrating and the notion of sound in generative art. Join us as we continue on our Journey Through Sound, exploring the future of sound in the metaverse. 

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