Meet LSX II LT: The Gateway To High-Fidelity

We’ve been delivering all the magic of high-fidelity sound for over six decades, and now we’re more determined than ever to make it more accessible. Enter LSX II LT, the newest member of our LS Wireless Collection and a streamlined version of our coveted LSX II. This new addition offers the same key innovations but at a price you’ll love.

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While it may be compact and small in size, LSX II LT creates a multitude of entertainment possibilities designed to elevate your film, music and gaming experiences. It’s easy to use and connects seamlessly to your devices so you can instantly stream from platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and TIDAL. Users also have wired connectivity options available to them, including HDMI ARC, USB-C and optical cable plug-in for TVs, laptops, desktop computers and consoles.

Key Technologies And Design

LSX II LT uses our 11th generation Uni-Q driver array, which disperses sound evenly throughout the room, making sure everyone hears perfectly, no matter where they are. In addition to this, the Music Integrity Engine ensures rich, full-bodied sound and perfectly timed performances with clear, accurate, balanced sound.

Featuring the instantly recognisable aesthetic of industrial designer Michael Young, LSX II LT’s sharp, minimalistic design is available in three colours: Graphite Grey, Stone White and Sage Green. It also comes with neat mounting inserts for secure placement on the P1 Desk Stand or S1 Floor Stand.

Created To Suit Your Needs

This speaker system is compatible with the C-Link interspeaker cable, which is made from high tenacity fabric for enhanced durability and protection. With a length of 8 metres, it offers an additional 5 metres more flexibility than the supplied cable does, giving listeners more freedom to position their LSX II LT where best suits them.

With LSX II LT, you can also enjoy personal listening experiences via the KEF Connect app. Powerful EQ DSP (Digital Signal Processing) can be used to easily adjust the sound to a level that best suits your space. It’s also easy to set up, and listeners will be walked through the system controls step-by-step once they’ve downloaded the app.



Experience the power of LSX II LT with a demo. You can hear for yourself how this incredibly compact wireless HiFi system delivers high-fidelity sound that will bring your favourite music to life.
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