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Architectural Speakers

CiTR-SM Stereo to Mono Adaptor

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Stereo to Mono Adaptor

The CiTR-SM takes the separate left and right channels from the output of a stereo amplifier and combines them so they will playback into virtually any single speaker, with no compromise to the electronics, speaker or musical signal.

Often times in a stereo music distribution system there is a room in which there is space to locate only a single speaker. This usually happens in smaller rooms such as bathrooms where space in the ceiling is used for lights and air vents. If a single normal speaker were utilized then it would be possible to play back only the left or right channel, not the entire stereo signal. KEF has a clever solution to this problem, the CiTR-SM.

The Details


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Key Features
  • 30 watts power handling
  • Combines two channels to play through a single loudspeaker with no compromise
  • Works with any speaker form factor
  • Can be located behind the speaker or at the equipment location
  • Ideal for use in small rooms where there is space for only one speaker
  • Perfect for simple audio distribution systems in small to midsize retail shops

Please visit our Ci Software Download page for more details.

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